How to Create a TimeCenter Report

The procedure for making a document into a TimeCenter TR is an easy one.

  1. Send e-mail to the person responsible for the TimeCenter TR series, currently Kristian Torp <>, and request a TR number. Include the following information in the e-mail.

  2. You will then receive a TR number for the document, upon which you can compile the document using the most recent timecenter.sty style file (using a figure to be named "tc-3c.eps"). The top part of timecenter.sty contains directions for its use and gives local modifications. You are done when you have placed the .pdf (preferred), .ps, or .ps.gz version at the URL that you indicated.
    Note: To achieve a coherent report series, the cover page and the second page must be syntactically corect/must conform to the standard.

  3. The item you supplied will be placed on the TR list, and the procedure is complete.

Like departmental TRs, TimeCenter TRs should not be modified once created. However, under special circumstances, e.g., to correct errors, it is possible to revise a TR. In that case, a "rev" is appended to the TR number (e.g., TR-47 becomes TR-47rev).

To reduce the risk of a TimeCenter TR getting inadvertently lost or modified, a copy of each TR will be maintained by the project, and the links from the TR listing will point to these copies.

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